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Organizational units of PTTK branches are its clubs.

Our branch also operates through our own clubs.

We invite you to get to know them and contact their representatives:

Cycling Tourism Club in Siedlce "DOKTOREK"

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The club was established in 1993 by a group of students of the Warsaw University of Technology, that came from Siedlce.

As the name of their cycling club, they chose the word „DOKTOREK”, in the meaning of „PhD student” hoping to become PhD students and at the same time a specialists in the touristic cycling at a more serious level than just a “cycling students”.

During the four years of studies of the first founders, the “Doktorek” club was active at the branch of PTTK in the capital of Poland – Warsaw, organizing many trips and bicycle rallies. The aforementioned group of students, after graduation, returned to Siedlce, moving the club under the wings of the PTTK branch in Siedlce.

The work of the Club is based solely on a social activity of its members. The main goal is to promote tourism and sightseeing by practicing the most wonderful form of recreation, which is bicycle tourism.

Wherever we ride, we proudly represent the city of Siedlce, contributing to the promotion of our “little Homeland”.

We invite you to the bicycle trips organized by us every year and of course – to our club. Become our member!

More information, updated on a regular basis, is available on our website and on Facebook.

Collectors' Club in Siedlce


It was founded by 34 enthusiasts on January 8, 1995. The club initially operated at the District Museum (now Regional) until September 14, 2003. Then, for 4 years, it found its seat in the Municipal Cultural Center. Since 14 October 2007, it has been one of the clubs of the „Podlasie” Branch of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society in Siedlce. Sławomir Kordaczuk has been its president from the very beginning.

The main form of activity are meetings at the Regional Museum on the second Sunday of the month from 11.00 a.m. They begin with the presentation of the passion or the collection of the club members and invited guests, also on topics related to the history of the region, legal regulations regulating individual areas of collecting or the protection of archaeological sites. The presentations are followed by a social, trade and exchange part. Every January we celebrate “birthday” with coffee, tea and cookies. On the other hand, during the summer months, we organize the “Exchange of antiques and things needed by someone else” in front of the museum building.

For the summer season, we prepare sightseeing trips to places that are not included in the travel agency’s program. During these trips, in addition to visiting historic and natural sites, we lay flowers and light candles on the graves of national heroes, we meet with war veterans and heads of local cultural and historical societies. We end the trips with a bonfire with traditional sausages at the befriended owners of historic buildings and we take advantage of the hospitality of museums.

We have our own club badge and signet ring. More than 180 people have our ID cards. We issued metal numismatic tokens and ordered jubilee prints on banknotes as well as leaf calendars, commemorative revivals and badges “Meritorious for the Siedlce Collectors’ Club”. We are also known abroad as publishers of postcards about the history of Siedlce, Polish manors, Podlasie and the Polish Army. In total, we issued over 500 postcards. The publishing activity in the club is also carried out by Tadeusz Bohatyrewicz, editor-in-chief of „Lamus. The magazine of Collectors from Siedlce”and Adam Krzeski, publisher of monographs from the series „From the history of the Nearest Land ”.

The Collectors’ Club in Siedlce was awarded on 25 October 2008 with the Honorary Award of Jerzy Dunin-Borkowski Hetman of Polish Collectors No. 78 for educational and tourist activities.

In 2020, the club celebrated its 25th anniversary. A few highlights from this event can be found here: link.